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Rig Systems

Stewart & Stevenson’s Crown model drilling, workover and well servicing rigs integrate the latest advances in oilfield technology to make the recovery of oil and gas safer and more efficient. Featuring Stewart & Stevenson designed masts, drawworks, controls and substructures with custom-engineered power generation and quality partner components, our turnkey rigs are rigged-up and fully tested to meet customer requirements. Manufactured completely in the company’s Canadian and U.S. manufacturing facilities, Stewart & Stevenson rigs undergo pull testing and meet the rigorous industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Major operators around the globe rely on the superior quality of Stewart & Stevenson rigs.


Drilling Rigs

Stewart & Stevenson’s drilling rigs are rugged, modular units designed to maximize efficiency and performance on the job site.
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Flushby Rigs

Stewart & Stevenson’s rapid service rigs are light weight, smaller and more mobile than a standard service rig.
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Workover & Well Servicing

Stewart & Stevenson’s workover & well servicing rigs are lightweight, durable and versatile, designed for fast and easy rig up and user-friendly operation and maintenance.
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Stewart & Stevenson designs and manufactures a full line of AC, DC and mechanical drawworks for drilling, workover and well servicing rigs
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Rig Masts

Stewart & Stevenson manufactures telescopic and cantilever masts designed for mobility and ease of assembly.
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Support Units

For clients who require more comprehensive rig packages, Stewart & Stevenson designs and manufactures a complete line of support equipment for rig operations.
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Rig Refurbishment

Stewart & Stevenson offers equipment refurbishment that ranges from a simple cleaning, repair and new paint job to a complete rebuild.
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