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Stewart & Stevenson is a distributor of diesel and natural gas engines from world-class engine manufacturers MTU, DEUTZ and Detroit Diesel. In addition to selling stand-alone engines, Stewart & Stevenson customizes engines into generators, power units, prime movers and pump packages, and uses them in the manufacture of well stimulation and intervention equipment that serves the oil and gas industry.

Engines provided by Stewart & Stevenson are at work around the globe, powering oilfield equipment, ships and ship’s service, rail grinding equipment, mining equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, fire apparatus, long-haul trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and more.

Stewart & Stevenson couples quality aftermarket service and parts support with every product that we sell.

Engine Packages

Stewart & Stevenson offers an extensive range of engine packages with rugged steel bases to meet a variety of applications.
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Marine Engines & Propulsion

Custom Marine Packages from Stewart & Stevenson provide power for propulsion and ships service generators for commercial vessels and leisure craft.
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MTU & DEUTZ Engines

For innovative, dependable power in a compact size, Stewart & Stevenson offers natural gas and diesel engines by DEUTZ and MTU.
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On-Highway Engines

Partnering with Daimler Trucks North America, Stewart & Stevenson offers the Detroit family of powertrain components that continue the 70-year legacy of Detroit Diesel.
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